Cultural services

Kortárs Ellátó Kulturális és Közösségi Egyesület

7843 Kémes Vértanuk u. 37, 

Pécs Váradi Antal u. 8.



The Supplier of Contemporary Culture and Community Association is pooling those individuals who wish to contribute to community development, community work to increase the social weight of community planning with their cooperation. It creates a framework of mutual cooperation, solidarity, emphasizing the community of interest against the individual (which also can answer the (negative) characteristics of a market economy). The association organizes programs, festivals, monthly handicrafts markets and operates Community Library in co-location with a Café.




  • Community organization, spaces and programs with community planning, festival organisation

  • Csinos Kemence – Possibility for oven baking

  • ASZPIK - Organizing Saturday Market in the Garden: Organize craft markets monthly

  • Organize equal opportunities programs

  • Public library

  • Csinos Presszó- Open stage program, Public reception space

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